Should India impose sanctions on Russia for trying to violate the Sovereignty of Ukraine?


The first and the foremost thing to do in a Group Discussion is to write down the GD topic on the sheet of paper you are provided with. This ensures that you don’t misinterpret the GD, further a glance at the topic at the later stages can help you from getting carried away into meaningless discussions. If a paper is not provided, please ask for it, it shows your interest and seriousness.

The next step is to write down the questions which pop up in your mind after reading the topic twice ( minimum )

Here are the questions that pop up in mine!

  • How is the current relationship between India and Russia ?
  • How is the relationship between India and Ukraine ?
  • Which one is more important with respect to India’s point of view ?
  • What kind of sanctions can India impose on Russia ?
  • Will Russian be Affected by such sanctions ?
  • Is Russian Economy more an Import Oriented or Export Oriented Economy ?
  • What percent of GDP does India accounts for in Russian Economy ?
  • What Percent of GDP does Russia accounts for in Indian Economy ?
  • What Sectors will get affected ?
  • Alternatives, if any ?
  • What is the current situation ? Is the topic really as simple as it looks ?
  • What does people of Crimea want  and does that matter ?

Well i took more than 5 minutes to come up with these, dont worry if it takes times now, this mock will really help you with the actual one.

Here are some Opinions on the above Topic

“We need to first analyse whether is it possible for india to impose sanctions on Russia. Russia is a big-time ally and trade partner of India. If India tries to take a stiff stance against Russia it would hurt her economically and it is no hidden fact that india is not a position for that as it is already in a poor shape economically. If we factor in the past episodes of India’s reaction in the international arena, India has always sought a middle road by going against none and appeasing everyone.”
By normanlewis19

“A sanction would affect India more than it would Russia seen economically. Further Russian Economy is not heavily dependent on Imports, and Import accounts for just 3-4 % of the GDP.” By xlf3n

“Only when picture becomes clear , we should act. Till India can take a neutral stand. But unfortunately if the situation go bad, India shouldnt back away from taking its stand against injustice. It has happened in past, but surely should not happen again. Every country is trying to do what best suits there interest, US wants to Stop Russia’s entry in Ukraine economy as European nation stands affected by it, Russia wants Crimea for increasing its presence in Black trade ,and can block major trade route also and we are thinking about our economy impact (which of course is important) but not as much as innocent people suffering in that region. No one is thinking of the people suffering in amidst these clashes. India can take stand for the people being affected in the region. UN peace mission failed in Crimea, they were sent back when warning shots were fired on unarmed UN members. India has a opportunity for being a leader and fair Nation in World Politics.” By dpbox

“First of all,It is advisable to understand the circumstances under which Russia annexed Crimea before we come to conclusions on what is right or wrong.We all know that USA is a prominent country and would like to exercise control and dominance by showing its military strength.The only country that can match it is Russia. USA has been trying to pull Ukraine into NATO for quite a few years now and once that happens,USA will be able to deploy its forces(customary for all NATO countries ) in the Black Sea with its nuclear subs and other modern warfare machinery right under the nose of Russia and just some 1500km from Moscow. It will also cut free access of the Mediterranean Sea to the Russian navy . All these factors were taken into account,which were actually the main reasons for Russia to take Crimea. So now,the forceful annexure of Crimea becomes debatable whether its right or wrong and considering Russia’s strategic importance to India,it is best that India remains neutral to the sanctions imposed on Russia.” By budokoi


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